Implementation of the EAM system in Eesti Energia

Implementation of the EAM system in Eesti Energia

We are proud of the new implementation on the foreign market. As part of the winning tender for the delivery of an EAM class system for the Enefit Green group belonging to Eesti Energia, our company was selected for this project. Eesti Energia is the largest supplier of green energy in Estonia and the Baltic States.

The main tasks of the project were the analysis of production sectors in the field of Maintenance and Asset Management processes in terms of the implementation of HxGN EAM, standardization of processes and equipment structure and implementation of the HxGNEAM standard and Field Work (mobile application). The functional scope included:

  • The structure of the equipment;
  • Work orders;
  • Preventive maintenance;
  • External companies.

The project was divided into three stages. The first one included the implementation of functionalities such as:

  • Asset Registry;
  • Supplies;
  • Planned and unplanned work orders;
  • Standard works and material lists;
  • Dedicated mobile application.

The second stage included integration with the SCADA system, the purpose of which was to automate the commissioning of technical works. Thanks to this, a work ordering mechanism was ensured, characterized by immediate response time, reliability (no errors) and a minimum amount of work (once when defining the automation conditions).

An extensive mechanism, based on integration with the SCADA system, allowed to commission work on the basis of, among others:

  • Automatically read counters (e.g. engine hours),
  • Values ​​of operating parameters (e.g. when warning temperatures are exceeded),
  • Internal systems alarms (e.g. information about incorrect indications),
  • Complex logical conditions (logical connections between the above-mentioned).

As part of the third stage, work was carried out to integrate the HxGN EAM system with the Oracle E-Business Suite system in the field of warehouse management. Our system allows you to manage inventory and create inventory transactions for receipts and releases, which are then sent to the Oracle system, where they are automatically posted. As a result, the HxGN EAM system is responsible for the quantity and value records of inventory, and only the value records are kept in the financial and accounting system.

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