Maintenance shutdown planning

It is a sequence of activities used to plan production shutdowns in the enterprise. Although it sounds very simple, it is a key element of the effective management of the company’s assets. A number of activities that need to be coordinated when planning the downtime of even one machine requires the implementation of appropriate tools to support this process. 

  • The shutdown project is divided into tasks and scopes of work with information about the planned resources – materials, equipment and labor by specialty.
  • Defined work scopes for issued orders are monitored until their complete completion.
  • All standstill tasks – from purchase requisition to completion are handled as a system process.
  • The system notifies about the deadlines based on data on the progress of work.
  • The shutdown schedule can be exported to MS Project or Primavera and to an MS Excel file.
  • Demands for standstill materials are issued and monitored until the materials are used as part of the work.
  • All standstill costs are assessed and approved in terms of job budgets.
  • The system generates acceptance documents for contractors.
Maintenance shutdown planning