Mobile application


E-Mobile platform is designed to support users performing work at places where the central system is not available. The application allows easier and more convenient access to the handling of work orders in the mobile version. e-Mobile is compatible with HxGN EAM, ZMT, E-Service, MP2 and SZEOR systems, which can be run on portable devices such as laptop, tablet, PDA or smartphone, equipped with a touch screen. e-Mobile is compatible with CMMS systems, but it can also be integrated with ERP systems, eg SAP. Previous implementation projects of the e-Mobile application allowed users to perform the work commissioned, manage the assigned warehouse, accept, reject documents according to the workflow defined in the central system. The primary goal of such solutions is to eliminate paper documents used in collection of any data later entered to the system, what can generate errors and delays the process.


The e-Mobile application can be used offline or online, as needed by the data exchange.

Supported operating systems are : iOS, Android and Windows.

Our solution in the standard configuration can support the following functions:

  • Browsing the list of objects and their details
  • Creating work requests from the level of object details with the possibility of taking a photograph of the object/material the request applies to
  • Creating a work request using a QR code
  • Adding an attachment to the work request
  • Accepting and rejecting a work request with an optional comment
  • Review of warehouse stocks and lists of materials with the possibility to add a photo for the given material
  • Collecting a material from the warehouse for the indicated work order
  • Returning the collected material for a work order from the available list of collected materials
  • Performing receipts of materials and tools,
  • Moving items and tools between warehouses
  • Returning and scraping of worn tools
  • Support for the Counting inventory module with the indication of the specific warehouse as well as the material item with the use of QR codes
  • Adding items to the purchase requests
  • Receiving a delivery for purchase orders selected from the list
  • Browsing work orders on dedicated lists from the main menu level based on the work order status
  • Possibility of assigning the work order to the employee with the use of the employees list
  • Adding information about employees’ working time
  • Browsing the work history for the given work order
  • Checking out inventory items
  • Browsing the inventory transaction history
  • Returning items to warehouse
  • Performing activities assigned to the work order with the use of activities lists with a possibility to select the activity status
  • Registering a measurement for an object or activity assigned to a work order
  • Adding attachments to a work order
  • Adding any comments from
  • Handing over a car with the use of the electronic signature of the driver lending the vehicle
  • Returning a car
  • Browsing reports regarding reported faults
  • Browsing a report regarding work orders with breakdown into statuses

In addition, we have the possibility to launch e.g.:

  • The user will see notifications about the events registered in e-Mobile on the screen of their mobile device, without the need to open the application itself.
  • If the selected mobile device supports NFC technology, we can simplify e.g. the application login process. After touching the device with the card, the user will log in to e-Mobile.

Do you want to learn about other e-Mobile functions? You are welcome to contact us!