EAM system

EAM System (Enterprise Assets Management) is a system for managing the company’s assets, thanks to which we can control all costs related to the company’s maintenance. The purpose of such a system is to optimize expenses for repairs, renovations and operation of the entire technical infrastructure of the enterprise. Having a system for managing fixed assets allows you to increase the efficiency of your resources.

EAM system

Functional areas of the EAM system

The standard configuration of the EAM system covers most of the functional areas and processes used in the operational management of the maintenance of buildings, production halls, devices and systems in the required technical efficiency in accordance with the best practices. Here are some core areas fully supported by the system:

This is where the knowledge and core business value of the entire EAM solution is concentrated. Current data on breakdowns, scope of maintenance and repair works, consumption of components and energy and, consequently, the costs incurred are assigned to individual facilities, and on this basis, the management of the enterprise can make decisions based on facts regarding the assets.

This area is the most common application of the HxGN EAM system, which is a source of information about events requiring planned or emergency actions of maintenance services.

The operational history of the facilities is built on the basis of operational data and appropriate business decisions are made. Examples of functions in this area are:

  • reporting damage requiring the intervention of the service or maintenance services;
  • creation, planning, budgeting and execution of work orders according to a fully definable process and approval procedure;
  • calculating all resources necessary to implement the scopes of work;
  • taking into account the necessary permits, qualifications, documentation and standards;
  • planning and scheduling the use of own maintenance staff;
  • reporting the progress of work as well as the collection and consumption of materials;
  • classifying symptoms, failures, their causes and actions taken for the purposes of reliability statistics and RCM analysis;
  • precise cost control of orders and transferring them to appropriate objects.

Planned and launched work orders in most cases require the delivery of appropriate technical materials, spare parts or replacement of damaged components of the facility. HxGN EAM handles the full information process – from identifying material needs, through demand, reservations, possibly purchase, to using the delivered material in a specific task activity. In particular, the system offers such functions as:

  • reporting a material requirement directly from the bill of materials for an order;
  • full service of warehouse management including inventory valuation and analysis, division into delivery batches, material reservations, automatic inventory renewal, typical material transactions and connection with purchases;
  • ordering materials based on demand.

The processes of purchasing materials and services may be triggered by the needs resulting from work orders or carried out independently of the planned orders. HxGN EAM offers all the functions necessary for the efficient and effective conduct of current and periodic purchases based on long-term contracts or one-off orders. The system enables:

  • defining long-term contracts with suppliers;
  • one-off and permanent orders for materials and services;
  • registration of invoices from suppliers and data export to the financial and accounting system.

A modern EAM class system should provide a pro-active approach to the management of technical assets and support activities preventing damage and downtime.

HxGN EAM provides the appropriate functionality for preventive actions, in particular:

  • defining cyclical orders covering the scope of technical inspections, e.g. monthly, semi-annual, annual, as well as inspections carried out on the basis of indications of time counters, mileage in km or other operating quantities;
  • flexible planning and scheduling of recurring orders;
  • graphic visualization of the forecast of cyclical work up to 12 months in advance, ensuring easy coordination and modification of deadlines;
  • graphical visualization of the resource load with the possibility of optimizing inspection dates according to this criterion.

The Budget module supports the development of a multi-level budget, and then the collection, monitoring, supervision and analysis of data on the expenses incurred related to the maintenance of fixed assets. It is possible to define budget items for positions and types of costs, cost centers and accounts in accordance with the principles of cost accounting adopted in a given enterprise and the objectives of its operation. Automated collection of information on actual costs along with flexible tools for their merging and reporting allows for multi-faceted, cross-sectional cost analyzes.

HxGN EAM is a powerful system that, when properly configured, can provide an EAM class solution suitable for any type of organization in any industry. The system is prepared to support any enterprise – from a company consisting of several people, to large organizations with many companies, branches and headquarters on a global scale.

Benefits of the implementation of the EAM system

EAM system

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