The work order is the basic operating unit of the CMMS / EAM class system and at the same time one of the most important modules of the system. Each work order includes minimum information about the place of work, who performed it and at what time, materials used for implementation, costs incurred.

  • Possibility of multi-stage approval of the order before it is sent for execution.
  • Work order types can be edited by the system administrator.
  • RCM analysis option for emergency orders with information including failure classification, causes and planning of preventive actions.
  • The course of the order is based on changes in status and a workflow adapted to the needs of the company.
  • Possibility to associate an order with one or more technical objects.
  • Creating a material requirement from the order level based on information about the inventory of parts.
  • The function of booking materials in the warehouse for an order.
  • Downloading materials directly from the order.
  • Approval of performed works and settlement of contractors and external services.
  • Object-related order costs can be exported to the customer’s accounting system.
  • The order can be created manually or generated automatically based on a request, schedule, standstill scope or project task.
  • In the case of inspection orders, the system will display a list of activities to be performed.
  • Assignment of resources to individual activities broken down into brigades, specializations.
  • Conditions for the performance of works – permits, authorizations, procedures, safety conditions.
Work orders ZMT CMMS
Work orders ZMT CMMS