Facility Management

Facility management is a very popular term in Poland today.

The concept can be considered one of the most important business sectors rapidly entering the field of property management as well. More and more companies are beginning to realise that FM can also help with the security of the entire investment and help save some money. What is facilities management and does it have any practical application in a company, you will find out in the following article.

Facility Management

What is Facility Management?

Although this concept may seem strange to us, it is not. FM is closely associated with the construction industry. It is committed to using information technology to effectively manage commercial and non-commercial companies. The support starts from the planning of the entire investment, through its entire implementation, and finally the maintenance of the property itself and the upgrades introduced. The main purpose of using this management model is to use the property itself more efficiently and economically. In other words, FM is a concept related to the general technical maintenance of facilities.

Facility Management
Infrastructure management

What does Facility Management include?

Property management is an entire department which creates and provides certain facilities. Currently, there are many facility management companies on the Polish market. They provide, among other things:

  • Maintaining cleanliness inside and outside the building,
  • Lease contract management, including contract attachments, lease rotation management and budgeting,
  • Actively managing the tenancy and maintaining ongoing relationships with tenants,
  • Own investment representative within the scope of the power of attorney received,
  • Layout of rooms and workstations,
  • Technical support for the entire property,
  • Accounting and business consulting.

Generally, the branch is responsible for detecting any faults and implementing appropriate solutions. This usually involves replacing installed components throughout the building. Companies providing these services can directly deal with BMS building automation services, for example to eliminate faults related to the system or HVAC system services (including air conditioning, ventilation and heating). So if a company wants to save time and money, it should consider this type of service at an early stage of investment.

Does infrastructure management have a practical application in a company?

There are currently two opposing trends in the market. One is responsible for making rapid efforts to standardise management methods, IT systems and professional activities. The other focuses on modern property management methods. Facility management is responsible for bringing these two issues together. All this is intended to integrate different fields of knowledge and technology so that the economy can operate more efficiently. However, it is not that simple, because business is usually also based on diplomatic relations with company representatives in other countries. Language itself is often an obstacle to unifying different issues (e.g. real estate). Faced with the need to integrate knowledge and skills from different fields, the facts have proven that different customs and language concepts exist in different fields. This is where proper property management comes into play to help make sound business decisions.

Facility Management

Site management

Facility Management

Site management should be an essential element to be included in an investment during the design phase or when planning a purchase on the secondary market. This allows you to predict implementation and maintenance costs, and with experienced staff in the industry, you can very accurately determine the increase or decrease in value of your investment over time. FM services also ensure efficient and optimal planning, such as fire roads, nearby greening and electrical installations. It also usually covers ongoing repairs and maintenance. This means that almost all technical issues related to the management of the building will be handed over to the experts, which will greatly benefit future property investments, a comprehensive service and a safe and reliable sale.