The system for maintenance, it’s the effective management of the company in each of its areas can be an extremely time-consuming process without appropriate mechanisms. Each department should take care of optimising all operating costs. However, not all areas of the company are crucial as the maintenance department. And why? Execution of service orders ensures continuity of production, which allows for timely execution of orders and thanks to this the company can function without any disturbances.  Customer confidence is crucial for every company, and this is what efficient maintenance ensures.


Maintenance system

Maintenance system - what is it?

Maintenance is a series of processes and actions that aim to ensure the greatest possible efficiency of the technical infrastructure of a company. Maintenance department is responsible for the proper functioning of the machinery park, optimal spare parts management, eliminating failures of machines, equipment and performing maintenance in accordance with the established schedule. This area is largely responsible for generating costs for the company, which shows how important this department is and how crucial it is to ensure its proper functioning.  As production plants have grown, there has been a need to change the maintenance strategy.

Maintenance system
System for maintenance

The previous “breakdown to breakdown” approach proved insufficient and the implementation of an overhaul policy began. By creating a maintenance calendar at different intervals (monthly/quarterly/semi-annually or annually), maintenance services were able to better organise the work of the entire plant. Moreover, in order not to contribute to generating unnecessary maintenance costs, they also started to plan downtime or maintenance.

What does maintenance specialist do?

Maintenance services ensure the smooth operation of machinery and equipment. They plan maintenance, inspections, take care of the correct circulation of documents, supply materials necessary for the operation of machines, carry out warranty and technical inspections, etc. The task of the Maintenance Department is not only to repair a machine that has broken down, but first of all to analyse the cause of the damage. The correct action will be to plan further actions that will prevent the problem from occurring in the future.

Maintenance system

How to ensure effective maintenance?

Effective maintenance management is a challenge that requires the use of appropriate methodologies and tools to achieve the objectives set. By using tailored tools we can optimise machine maintenance costs and ensure better performance of people. ZMT, for example, supports Autonomous Maintenance, which enables early detection of faults by production staff and has an impact on occupational safety. The above methodology, as well as the entire TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) concept used in conjunction with the CMMS system aims to eliminate failures, ensure continuity of production and systematise the entire area of technical infrastructure. Our proprietary ZMT system together with the mobile version of e-Mobile is a complete solution for a modern approach to maintenance services.