SZEOR is an original, specialized IT solution used for management of supervised devices (UDT, ZDT) such as: pipelines, tanks, devices, PSV safety valves and other pressure devices. A key function is collection of the history of registered measurements, allowing estimation of the device life time as well as creation and supervision over testing plans and revision deadlines.

What are the benefits from implementing the SZEOR system ?

The solution guarantees full automation of the supervision over technological systems susceptible to the corrosion process, subject to wall thickness measurements and other diagnostic tests. SZEOR also allows planning and control of any completed tests (exterior revision, basic revision or pressure test) by the company’s technical supervision services and the UDT (Office of Technical Inspection) inspectors. In addition, our solution supports users in the budgeting process, in the scope of the UDT fees, costs of wall thickness measurements etc. and later settlement of these works. Furthermore, the system operation area is not limited to the asset owner only. Using specialist modules (e.g. SZEOR Measurements or Designs), it offers cooperation and exchange of data with external co-operating entities (design offices, companies performing the measurements). In addition, the application has a mechanism for integration with measuring devices (e.g. DMS, DMS2, 37DL, 37DL PLus) and interfaces allowing integration with other systems, such as SAP, Infor EAM, or Plant Manager program in the RBI area.

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