This module, new in Eurotronic’s offer, combines two key areas of labor and maintenance management. It is our answer to ensuring the safety of people involved in work performed in environments defined as potentially hazardous. With this solution, you can more easily and effectively identify hazards, risks, manage workflow and authorization of individuals or companies delegated to perform a strictly regulated scope of work.

Permit to Work
Permit to Work

Work authorization system:

  • Identifies the work to be done and the necessary equipment to be used.
  • Identifies precautions to be taken when performing tasks.
  • Grants permission to begin work
  • Provides inspections to ensure that all safety considerations – such as certifications, the validity of permits, and compliance with procedures and rules – have been met.
  • Provides a mechanism to verify that all work has been completed satisfactorily.

Permit to Work

Our work permit systems have the following functions to help manage the above process. Here are some of them:

  1. Process automation: Our work permit systems enable automation of many routine activities, such as:
    • • Automatic generation of work permit applications.
    • • Preparation of permit templates for the most commonly prepared permit types – here you can create a work permit from scratch or based on an existing permit.
    • Notifications of upcoming permit expiration.
    • Electronic approval and processing of applications, allowing users to minimize paper workflow.
  2. Integration with other systems: The work permit system can be integrated with other tools in the company, such as AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure), DMS (Documents management System) or our EAM and CMMS systems, which, among other things, give access to information such as employee records, technical structures of facilities, records of failures or work currently being performed.
  3. Tracking the status of requests: Employees and managers can track the status of their applications in real time.
  4. Generate printouts for prepared authorizations
  5. Document storage: The system can store scanned copies of documents related to work permits, such as contracts, certificates, generated work permit applications, etc.
  6. Reporting and analysis:: Generate reports on issued permits, expiration dates, number of applications, etc.
  7. Permit management: : The system can control access to work permit information based on user roles and permissions.
  8. Notifications and reminders:: Automatic email and KPI notifications informing of necessary actions to be performed by the user, upcoming expiration dates of permits or the need to renew them.
  9. Subcontractor access: : The system allows external subcontractors to access the data of a given work permit through an external application prepared for subcontractors.
  10. Full audit of the work permit application and changes made to it over time by different users.
  11. Access to information in a language understood by the user: the digitization of work permits eliminates the problem, known from paper printouts, of preparing the permit in one language, which can be a barrier to the proper definition of risk by a foreign speaker.

Permit to Work

Permit to Work

Our work permit systems are often supplied as an additional module to our CMMS and EAM systems. This makes them a perfect complement to their functionality. The user can not only better manage work or breakdowns, but also quickly record permits, better track them and improve communication between different areas.