They have written about us

One of our main Clients has published a long article about ZMT in their magazine. Entitled “On the Success of Team Work”, it describes the implementation process as well as the benefits that effective fixed asset management brings along for the company. Our system has been described as “a true breakthrough, which has optimized and connected many business processes (…)”. The article also refers to the numbers that present the great quantities of data ZMT is able to handle. Currently the system is used by more than 2 000 users, and more than 400 000 assets for which over 35 000 documentsare handled. With ZMT, the company can manage on the current basis the area responsible for asset operations on its objects, and, using the electronic circulation of documents or asset inventory taking, contributes to increased efficiency. Both our team as and the Client have created together the new ZMT module, which, in an innovative way, helps to build the policy of supervision over the company’s assets. The ZMT module has fully met the Client’s expectations, at the same time contributing to improved cost and operating efficiency.

We are extremely happy with such cooperation and we are looking forward to further common challenges!