ZMT implementation in a Lithuanian state company Klaipedos Nafta

With a great satisfaction, we can boast of a new implementation project on a foreign market. In early 2019, the tender for the implementation of an innovative IT solution in a Lithuanian state company was completed and our company was selected for this project. The scope of implementation included the following modules:

1. Administration (users, roles, dictionaries)
2. Notifications and Work Orders together with work permits
3. Object Structure
4. Preventive Maintenance
5. Budgets
6. Materials Warehouse Management
7. Purchases
8. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
9. Technical Documentation
10. Technical Drawings Register

The project was divided into two stages. Within stage 1, we delivered 4 modules (Administration, Notifications and Work Orders, Object Structure, Preventive Maintenance). In the next stage, we will also deliver other modules along with integrations with third party systems in the following areas: warehouse management, purchases, technical drawings register and personal protective equipment. Our system is used by more than 100 users already today.