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Infor EAM system offered by Eurotronic (currently in version 11.6) is one of top Enterprise Asset Management IT products worldwide, which has already been purchased by more than 15000 companies and organizations from most sectors. This system handles key processes and data necessary in efficient and effective management of any objects that require outlays to ensure their expected functionality. Infor EAM is an effective tool for increasing the return on investment in assets by improving availability and reliability of devices, optimizing the costs of components and consumed energy as well as ensuring conformity of object configuration with the binding regulations. This system also significantly helps to control the costs related to external contractors and suppliers as well as their guarantees for any delivered components and maintenance.

Benefits from the implementation of Infor EAM system:

Infor EAM

Eurotronic has acquired rich experience in creating Infor EAM – based solutions individually adjusted to the specific needs and conditions of the Client’s business. This is possible by taking advantage of Infor EAM system characteristics that provide a flexible platform that can be used to create non-standard configurations and ensure almost unlimited integration with external systems.

Infor EAM system functional areas

Infor EAM standard configuration includes most functional areas and processes applied in the management of operational maintenance of buildings, production halls, devices and systems in the required technical efficiency in accordance with the best practices.

Here are several basic areas fully supported by the system:

Here is where the knowledge and principal business value of the whole EAM solution is focused. Current data on breakdowns, scopes of maintenance works and repair works, consumption of components and energy and, as a result, about the sustained costs are assigned to respective objects and on this basis the management can make fact-justified decisions concerning the assets.

This area is the most typical application of Infor EAM system, which is the source of information about any events that require scheduled or emergency actions from maintenance services.

A maintenance history for objects is built from the operational data and respective business decisions are made. Sample functions of this area include:

  • reporting damages that require intervention of the service staff or operation maintenance services;
  • creating, planning, budgeting and executing work orders according to a fully definable process as well as the approval procedure;
  • calculating all resources as necessary to perform the scopes of works;
  • consideration for necessary permits, qualifications, documentation and standards;
  • planning and scheduling the utilization of own operation maintenance services employees;
  • reporting the works progress as well as material collections and consumption;
  • classification of the symptoms, damages, their causes and the actions taken for the needs of reliability statistics and RCM analysis;
  • precise control of the costs of work orders and linking them with the respective objects.

In most cases the planned and activated work orders require delivery of proper technical materials, spare parts or replacement of an object’s damaged subassemblies. Infor EAM supports the full information process – from identification of the material requirements, to demands, reservations, or purchases, to the utilization of the delivered material in a particular work order activity. In particular, the system offers such features as:

  • reporting a material demand directly from the specification of materials for the work order;
  • full support for the warehouse management containing valuation and analysis of stock, division into delivery batches, materials reservations, automatic stock replenishment, typical materials transactions as well as linkages to purchases;
  • ordering materials based on demand;

Materials and services purchasing processes can be triggered by needs resulting from work orders or performed regardless of any planned work orders. Infor EAM offers all functions necessary for efficient and effective conduct of current and periodical purchases under long-term agreements or single work orders. The system supports:

  • defining long-term contracts with suppliers;
  • one-off and regular purchase orders for materials and services;
  • registering invoices from the suppliers as well as exporting the data to the financial and accounting system.

A modern EAM system should ensure a pro-active approach to technical asset management as well as support actions preventing the development of damages and downtimes. Infor EAM delivers the respective functionality for preventive actions, in particular:

  • defining cyclical work orders including scopes of technical reviews, e.g. monthly, biannual, annual as well as reviews performed according to readouts from time meters, mileage or other operating quantities;
  • flexible planning and scheduling of cyclical work orders;
  • graphic visualization of forecast cyclical works with the advance of up to 12 months ensuring easy coordination and modification of the deadlines;
  • graphic visualization of resource loads with the possibility to optimize the deadlines of reviews according to this criterion.

The Budget module assists in developing a multi-level budget and then collecting, monitoring, supervising as well as analyzing the data about any sustained expenses related to asset maintenance. It is possible to define budget items for stations and types of costs, cost centers and accounts according to the rules for settlement of costs adopted in the given company as well as its operating objectives. Automated collection of information about the actual costs along with elastic tools for integrating and reporting them provides multi-surface, cross-sectional cost analyses.

Infor EAM is a powerful system which, with proper configuration, can deliver an EAM solution suitable for any type of organization in any industry. The system is prepared to support any enterprise – from a few-person company, to a large organization with many affiliates, branches and headquarters on the global scale.

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Eurotronic non-standard solutions

In more than a ten-year-long history of implemented IT projects based on Infor EAM (earlier Datastream 7i) system, Eurotronic specialists have acquired unique experience in creating solutions meeting our Clients’ fully unique needs. In every case Infor EAM standard configuration was more or less modified in order to ensure that the solution fulfills the expected functionality as far as possible. Our modifications are performed on our own platform, improved being on the permanent basis, programmatically and visually fully integrated with Infor EAM forms and database. These modifications are also supported in the case of upgrading the system version as part of the Client’s support, making these products development-oriented.

Here are several examples of our applications that create value added for Infor EAM system’s standard modules and functions:

Preparing and executing large repair downtimes including preparation and valuation of the scope of the works, scheduling the preparatory actions and downtime works, smart handling of significant quantities of materials demands, online cooperation with contractors, generating work orders for  the contractors, precise monitoring of the works progress, settlements of downtime work orders, analysis of performed works and, in the end, archiving the full package of information about the downtime in the knowledge base. This solution is intended for all the industries having downtimes that require a significant concentration of the resources and a huge organizational effort.

As opposed to the standard Budget module, the developed solution covers the full budgeting process of annual maintenance of objects, starting from reporting the budget needs, to creating budget tasks and partial budget proposals by the Budget Owners, consolidation of  the EAM budget version, verification of versions, version approval procedure, version optimization and correction – to the stage of use of the approved final version. All new work orders are currently verified in terms of the availability of the budget funds and their costs update the pool of funds available for the given budget items.

The advanced version of the module supporting investment and cost projects that covers the process from the submitted application for start-up of the project, to calculation and budgeting, technical and organizational preparation of the project, issuing work orders, fulfilling the material requirements, scheduling  the works, reporting progress on the project tasks, to settlement of the project and possible generation of asset receipt to stock documents (OT).

The module designed first of all for coordination of a high number of works resulting from open work orders implemented by many external contractors based on any billing scheme – according to lump sum prices, according to normative, actual man-hours or a different one. It implements the progressive planning model with control over workload, degree of substantive progress, control over the scope remaining to be performed and estimation of the risk of delays. This solution supplements the existing functionality of work order planning by departments, employees and professional specialties.

This function replaces the standard material specification for a work order and offers efficient creation of large material lists and semiautomatic generation of materials demands for items from these statements along with export of the transactions to an external ERP system – if necessary. It is used, above all, to support downtime, investment and refurbishment projects.

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