Implementation in Czech Republic for Unipetrol RPA

In August 2018, we signed a contract for the implementation of HxGN EAM system in a Czech state company – Unipetrol RPA. The company is mainly involved in the production and distribution of fuel and petrochemical products in Central Europe, while in Czech Republic it is the only oil processor. The EAM system implementation project assumed two main phases. The first one (currently nearing completion) assumes delivery of a tool integrated with the HxGN EAM system for planning process downtimes by means of a web version of Gantt tool. The second phase assumes full implementation of the EAM system both for the Refinery and the Petrochemical part.

Taking account of the substantive scope of the project as well as the business processes it covers, it is one of the largest projects in Europe.

After the completed implementation, the system will be cared for by our Support Department.