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Many years of experience with the tens of completed implementations as well as the use of effective development platform allowed us to create a simple and efficient system that will streamline, facilitate and support the daily work of asset maintenance units. The product of our own called ZMT (which is the Polish acronym to Physical Asset Management) allows you to gather and analyze the necessary data about the current state of the facilities, plant and machinery, stock of parts, the necessary repairs, planned inspections, reported failures and defects, costs of purchasing or planned maintenance activities.



The ZMT supports the following functional areas:

  • records of technical assets: buildings, production and auxiliary equipment or infrastructure;
  • maintenance history of facilities and plant – all the work done, preventive maintenance schedules, failures, material used and the actual costs incurred;
  • records of measurements of the characteristic operating and diagnostic values;
  • managing work orders such as repairs, preventive maintenance and inspections;
  • inventory management regarding stock operations for spare parts and technical materials;
  • tools management including registering tools, issues to personnel, verifications, calibrations, repairs and decommissioning of tools;
  • planning and performing lubrication activities;
  • purchases of materials and services in conjunction with the planned work;
  • managing contracts with suppliers and service providers;
  • scheduling the technical staff;
  • managing operations and maintenance of company vehicles;
  • technical and financial reporting and analyses;
  • custom modules: barcode support, SMS and email notifications, report wizzard, electronic signature.

ZMT is based on a three-tier architecture using:

  • standard MS SQL Server as the database platform;
  • IIS as an application server;
  • most popular web browsers as a thin client (IE, Firefox, Chrome).

The system was built entirely with ASP.NET technology using .NET Framework version 3.5.

What are the benefits of ZMT in its standard configuration? – Here are a few examples.

  • Update the database of facilities, production lines, plant, machinery, equipment and components together with the attached technical documentation including drawings, warranty cards, scans, information on inspections and repairs as well as multimedia content (e.g. audio/video recordings or 3D spatial models).
  • Create a full service history for assets including cost analysis, record of maintenance and materials used.
  • Schedule periodic inspections and maintenance activities (monthly, quarterly, annually) with the possibility of balancing available qualified personnel and the required materials as well as the ability to use external contractors.
  • Schedule the workload for employees or hired labour working in multi-shift and multi-crew arrangements. Consider information on hourly rates, qualifications and required training for their own staff and external companies.
  • Monitor the planned maintenance work in relation to the defined schedule, and report about activities deferred or not completed on time.
  • Register emergency events in relation to a particular object, then report the work done by own labour or contractors.
  • Classify failures and their causes by assigning individual codes, which allows you to generate reliability statistics by types of events, their duration, occurrence, consequently to generate indicators of reliability and operational efficiency.
  • Set up automatic notification of critical failure which causes downtime, including a path defined for notification, approval and escalation for such an event.
  • Enter scope of preventive maintenance tasks by time periods ( e.g. weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually) or meter readings (cycles, mileage, hours of work).
  • Use optimal categories and data catalogues to ensure high quality of information in the system.
  • Support processing of material requirements for work orders and assets providing control at every stage – from planning to use.
  • Simply and quickly export grids from the screen to Excel, providing the possibility of further processing of exported data.
  • Generate data for dedicated reports, analyzes and statistics allowing optimizing resources and costs.

Our system is 100% customizable and modifiable which ensures easy development of any functionality as specified on the Client’s request.
ZMT should be regarded as an interesting alternative for those companies and organizations which, for various reasons, are not interested in investing in reputable EAM systems offered by the world champions.