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The SZEOR system is a constantly developed specialized IT solution addressed primarily to the chemical and oil industry. It is a solution designed to support the technical supervision of installations comprising tanks, vessels and pipelines in a corrosive environment.


SZEOR is an integrated system designed to record, review and analyze the system performance for process, transportation and storage equipment. Main objective of the system is to estimate the life cycle of the installation, then to create and operate predictive maintenance plans. Once implemented, SZEOR allows you to automate surveillance of technological installations susceptible to corrosion process based on the wall thickness measurements and other diagnostic tests.


SZEOR system allows you to:

  • minimize the risk of financial loss in result of a failure of process plant or transportation pipelines;
  • significantly reduce in insurance rates for installations covered by the scheme;
  • register asset data and structures for primary, and auxiliary facilities;
  • record the measurements and analyzes in a central database;
  • ensure a uniform standard of measurement;
  • improve communication between the contractor and the principal;
  • perform the FMECA analysis and define trends for progressive loss of wall thickness;
  • analyze and plan the optimal frequency of inspections according to the Risk-based Inspections (RBI) method based on:
    • Trend for loss of wall thickness,
    • Estimated life cycle,
    • criticality index (confidence level);
  • recall the dates of the subsequent testing including the automatic generation of maintenance work orders;
  • record all tests, including: X-ray, PMI, VT, PT, UT,
  • generate requests for survey services;
  • register the relevant technical staff;
  • provide support for graphical isometric drawings associated with the measurement results.


SZEOR also supports coordination of work deadlines as well as the detailed record of the surveys, analyzes and suggestions for further keeping the equipment in use.


Implementation of SZEOR will introduce a standard for supervision of process equipment such as pipelines, tanks, vessels, and valves. The system ensures comparative analyses online which give information support for making rational management decisions.


With the system SZEOR you can get savings in inspections and surveys on the basis of rational policy of conducting technical inspections. You can use the offset terms of mandatory surveys to extend the time between inspections and adjust it to the dates of shutdowns.


Thanks to the available flexible user specific configuration features the time required to find necessary information is reduced to a minimum. Each user will be able to define the number, the form and the scope of data displayed according to personal preferences.


Another important business benefit coming from implementation of SZEOR will be concluding insurance contracts on more favorable terms by having a high quality of documented data on measurements and maintenance and the possibility of systematic monitoring and predicting the technical condition of operated equipment.