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Infor EAM

Infor EAM offered by Eurotronic (currently version 11) is one of the leading IT products for Enterprise Asset Management available worldwide today, which have been purchased by more than 15000 companies and organizations in various industries. This system supports key processes and data necessary for the efficient and effective management of facilities requiring expenditures expected to ensure their proper functionality. Infor EAM is a proven tool used to improve capital asset management in ways that increase reliability, enhance predictive maintenance, ensure regulatory compliance, reduce energy usage, and support sustainability initiatives. Available in industry-specific editions, it also gives you unparalleled flexibility to zero in on the specialized, industry requirements that can turn your company’s asset management into a competitive advantage.

This system also greatly helps to control the costs associated with external contractors and suppliers and their warranties on components and services delivered.

Eurotronic is consistently developing and improving their own implementation methods and tools, and gained extensive experience in building solutions based upon Infor EAM that are individually tailored to the specific needs and conditions of the Customer.
This is possible through the use of Infor EAM system features which provide a flexible platform suitable to create custom configurations and virtually unlimited integration with external systems.