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eService module provides secure environment installed by contractor, e.g. the general contractor of the project or a service company contracted under long-term service agreement. The module offers an online and secure exchange of data to Infor EAM or ZMT system from outside. By use of eService the contractors can get direct access to EAM processes that brings significant improvement to their operating collaboration. eService module allows the contractor to take advantage from online communication by:

  • receiving service requests;
  • creating and releasing work orders;
  • daily registering the contractor’s staff on site;
  • daily reporting of work performed against the schedule and automatically pricing of the work according to the contract;
  • recording of built-up material provided by the contractor;
  • monitoring progress of the contractor’s work;
  • issuing acceptance protocols submitted for review and approval;
  • issuing invoices for the approved completed scope of work;
  • receiving complaints and notifications under the terms of warranty.

The functionality of the eService module is highly configurable depends on the business requirements for particular solution.