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Mobility today means that information technology systems can be accessed and operated at the point where the user currently is. This is why Eurotronic develops its own mobile environment integrated with Infor EAM, ZMT, ZMT Service, ZMT Invest, MP2, and SZEOR. For each of these systems specific applications that can be run on mobile devices like laptop, tablet, PDA or smartphone, equipped with a touch screen have been developed. All the most popular browsers used in mobile devices are supported. eMobile applications can be used offline or online, depending on the needs for data exchange. The functionality of the eMobile module is always adapted to the requirements of particular information processes, but in principle, our solution can handle a few basic features including


  • Operating system data transferred from the central database at each update. 
  • Service work requesting
  • Work orders creating and updating (e.g. actual labour hours, use of materials and tools, work progress, changing work order status)
  • Entering actual data for inspections (survey results, actual values for measuring points, asset condition, inspection check-lists)
  • Inventory management functions, such as material identification and issuing, or stock-taking in which mobile devices having a barcode reader are used.