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Manufacturing process is often interrupted by unplanned events which can affect the performance and continuity of production. Occurrence of such events, though undesirable, is relatively frequent and, unfortunately, gives a negative impact on the quality, timeliness and final production costs. Therefore, an important issue is the earliest possible notification of incident and quick directing the problem to the right person responsible for its resolution.


For that purpose, we offer a system called ANDON that allows operators of machinery, equipment and production lines for instant notification of problems occurring in their workplaces by activating light and acoustic signal.


The functionality of ANDON meets the concept of Lean Manufacturing by improving considerably the organization of the production process. It makes the duration of downtime is shortened through rapid and clear visualization of the incident occurred.
At the same time provides information about the incident to the services responsible for maintaining the continuity and flow of the production process.


ANDON can add value to production processes through:

  • Reducing the time from notifying the symptom to rectifying the defect.
  • Reporting reliability indicators such as MTBF and MTTR.
  • Additional reports including daily labour efficiency, micro-stoppages, failures, etc.
  • Visualization of the current status for machines and production lines.
  • Increase in motivation and commitment of employees involved in the production process.
  • Implementation of the “Lean Manufacturing” strategy.
  • The precise scope of the information in shift reports from production.
  • Better quality of your products achieved through continuous improvement in reliability of the production process.


The proposed ANDON system may also collect data about the state of the workstation directly either from PLC devices responsible for the operation of machinery, or HMI/SCADA systems. In that case, the automatic reaction to breaching the tolerance limits for parameter before the operator reacts or they are invisible to operator makes this advanced solution particularly beneficial. A broad range of supported interfaces and communication drivers allow you to integrate the system with the automation platform and IT systems. Therefore, the need for manually activated alert signals can be eliminated, also the graphical visualization of fault statistics is automated, as well as the information about service requests involving maintenance actions released in the CMMS / EAM system is recorded.